How to check ip address ?

Hello friend how are you going to tell me how to check IP in computer You guys know IP address, you don’t know, you know IP address is the same as ex. This is also called ip, you will get information about ip from this post. In today’s era, there will be internet usage, since the time Jio came, everyone has started to learn about internet.
When we use the internet day and night, in such a situation, if someone asks us what is the IP address, you do not doubt that we will feel different, but do not get upset, we will tell you about the IP address.

How to check local ip address ?

Without the local ip address internet, you can check how you are telling me the step.
First you go to the keyboard and open the run command

Windows + R key, run box will open, in this you do CMD typing

How to check ip address
You will do ok, you will open cmd, black screen will come in, you will have to type ipconfig.


all ip address list image


check ip address without cmd

Previously, you must have connected to the lane cable and wifi next to the watch and right click in it and open network and click on sharing

Access type internet click


Details  click hear इसके बाद आप को ip आएगा..

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