You forgot the wifi password you know

You forgot the password of wifi in hello friend, you should read it carefully to let it go.

It has become common to use internet after the arrival of Jio, and in today’s world, using the Internet, in home and office you will be using internet but when you get wifi, you remember the password, you forget it later. It is not necessary but when you have a new computer laptop mobile or a friend and you need it, you do not remember. You must have connected to wifi, you can easily show the password. Then when you run Internet cable strongly problem is

I will tell you about the password from the computer and laptop laptop and will also tell you how to find the password from the router.

wifi password view three trick

1, When you make a computer or laptop wifi, how do you first go to your control panel? You will see that by clicking on Network and Internet, a box will open, in this you have to click into the network connection, click on wireless properties and click OX will open after security, click on the network security key show password and you will get the wifi password.

After Hello Friend Control Panel network and internet

You forgot the wifi password you know
network and internet later setup network and sharing
You forgot the wifi password you know
Wirless network after network & sharing
You forgot the wifi password you know
wireless properties
You forgot the wifi password you know
There will be a box open in it, click on connetion, in this you have to click on security
wifi 2Bpaswword 2Bshow
by show password you know the password

Knowing the password of wifi has become very easy. You have been sorted by this which was mentioned in the first setup. To read this, keep reading the article before you see the wifi of the time, in which you have to go to the right click open end sharing network. Front setup will be as before

open 2Bnetwork 2Band 2Bsharing 2Bcenter

After Open Network and Sharing, after you open, Sub must have got burnt, there is no need to say more than that.

How to see password from router

Mostly you will know what you told people for wifi, but how do you find out the password from the router?

First of all, how will you open the router to the people, that is how the router will know the passwork. When you run the Internet through WiFi, you quickly get to know, but you know how to use the Internet through cable.

First of all, you have become the ip of the router to open the router and my second article is to know the ip

Ex.ip address for router open 192 .168.1.1, 192. 168.0. 1 more way two ip is used for wifi and time of internet become right clicked wifi and network and sharing and local area network cllick

How to check ip address 

After clicking, click on the detils, a box will open in it, you have an corner in your router.

You forgot the wifi password you know
You forgot the wifi password you know

You will know your logo easily from the image of your router ip.

You will get to know the ip, now we will open the router, you have to open a webbrowse, where you open by typing the name of the site to open the website, enter and enter it

router 2Bpage

The page of the router will be open from the defult password user name and password is admin admin

Click wirless after the router is open

You forgot the wifi password you know
By clicking wirless, you will get to see many options in this, you have to know the name and password of the wifi, so you
Wifi name address
wifi 2Bname

Wifi password

You forgot the wifi password you know

You may have come to know the information that I have given to you, you will benefit from my information, you tell by sharing and commnet

You forgot the wifi password you know 

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