upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10

Hello Friends, you will be told how to update from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Microsoft’s Windows operating system is a low loading operating system but Microsoft will stop giving security, so we have to do Windows 10  Windows 7 update to be closed in 2020

Microsoft said a year ago that the security update like Windows 7 update will not be available and will not get support by updating to Windows 10 free, you know how it happens

Windows 10 update

It is very easy to update Windows 10 on the computer and laptop. Your internet speed will be better, you will be quicker. It is necessary to update windows 10.

If you update Windows 10, the computer or laptop speed will be increased, you update, again and again, you should stop it and we will update Windows 10 first.

To download Windows 10, go to Microsoft’s site, search in Google Windows Media Creative Tools, you will be the first website to click on

After the Windows Media Creative download is done, there will be a 20mb file, double click in it and install a box that will open.

You will have an update box of Windows 10 from Windows Windows 7, in which you suspect that by downloading the pen drive by downloading the ISO and doubling the pen drive, you do not have internet speed, you doubt it by downloading it.

You will download Windows 10 and install it, for this I gave two article links, and you will install it easily.

Windows 10 related topic

windows 10 BOOTABLE PEN DRIVE/windows 10 download

windows 10 installed /windows 10 formatting

After Windows 10 download, you may take some time, after which your installation will start.

Windows 10 download and install will speed up your computer, it will be installed and a box will be installed to install it, you will get your Windows 10 installed.

By updating Windows 10, your data will not be lost and the software that you have installed will remain as you update, saving the time of installing the software.

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