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Windows OS users apprehend that they need 2 superb tools for managing the disks and partitions–Disk Management and Diskpart. The Disk Management tool in Windows offers you AN easy-to-use graphical interface which might manage disk solely with mouse-clicking. whereas Diskpart may be a tool that you simply will manage your disk or partition on the electronic communication quickly. To assign letter to drive, you’ll be able to use eachDisk Management and Diskpart. If you would like to alter the drive letter quickly, the Diskpart utility makes it straightforward.

Assign drive letter with CMD

To assign, change, or take away a drive letter, you’ll use the Windows interface of Disk Management, or use the program line on the prompt of Diskpart. Diskpart could be a intrinsical tool that you just will use to manage your drive, like format disk partition, produce partition, delete partition, etc. well, a way to assign drive letter with Diskpart?

To use a program lineyou wish to open the program line initial. Click beginsort “cmd” at the search box and right click the program, choose “Run as Administrator”, or press “WIN+R”, sort “cmd” and press Enter. Then, sort“diskpart” to begin.

Type list volume and press Enter. Here you must apprehend the quantity of the easy volume whose drive letter you would like to assign, change, or remove.
Typing list volume
Select volume n and press Enter. Here you can select the volume whose drive letter you want to assign, change, or remove.


Then, if you want to assign or change the drive letter, type “assign letter=R”.
If you want to remove the drive letter, type “remove letter=R”.


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