How to windows 10 install

hello friend, telling you how to installe in Windows 10, Microsoft has closed the suport of Windows 7, before you do Windows 10, you have to take care first, you have to backup your data. Change the name of the Windows drive that you remember to Windows 7’s drive.
How  to windows 10 installe ,how to format windows10
Before changing the drive of Windows from Windows 7 to Windows 10, when you installe, sometimes the name of the drive changes while you are installe, you remember that no other drive should be deleted when the format step comes. Have you ever moved the cursor to another drive, take care to take care of it by installe
You must have it before installing Windows 10
→ You have to install Windows 10 in your computer, you have to have Windows 10 ISO file and a pendrive and DVD.
→ First you have to go toMicrosoft’s site to download and then bootble into pendrive end dvd and make it with poweriso, then after installing windows installe, first boot first before starting dvd or select pendrive.
How  to windows 10 installe
→ My Kingston’s PenDrive is included in the image of the BoyOS, it has a pen drive in seconds, it will be saved by first boot and will be saved from F10, then restart the computer after that even if your PenDrive does not boot, Windows does not come. You have to go to direct booting
→The bios will open from F1 and F2 to go into the boot, in which you will have to change.
To go into boating, everything is different in the computer like
→intel board – F10
How  to windows 10 installe
Company voice opens different bios when you restart you F, F10, F11, F12 all key spacing together, you will open bios
The computer will restart, after this, after the pendrive has been detached, Annie will have to start, then your windows10 will start after that NEXT will come.
How  to windows 10 installe
Windows has started to be installed, the first is a box, in this you will have to select the language, it will be in the United States, if you are a resident of India, then do English India, then next.
How  to windows 10 installe
Click install windows 10
How  to windows 10 installe

box of windows10 activation will come in it, if you have Windows 10, do not put it otherwise you can put the product later

How  to windows 10 installe
Windows10 product list will come out of which Windows Professional 64 bit has to be selected.
windows 2Blicence
Read the tram condition of windows and accept the next
How  to windows 10 installe
Click in the second number custom
How  to windows 10 installe
The drive list will come, in which you have to format the install and next, Windows will start installing.
How  to windows 10 installe
Installed Windows will be a computer like you, the speed will be 100%, then restart
How  to windows 10 installe
How  to windows 10 installe
Put the user name of Windows10 in it, after this, Next will ask two passwords, if you want to enter the password, then do not enter it or else, after this, your Windows will open, then your pop will now come in the display driver’s settings and update Windows all. The driver will be yours, with this information, you have come to install windows10, then share this post as much as possible Thanks a lot


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