How to take great-looking pictures on iPhone or Android

How to take great-looking pictures on iPhone or Android
The iPhone 7’s camera is almost a dSLR compared to the original iPhone’s shooter.
The iPhone 11 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and Google Pixel 4 pack some of the best phone cameras to capture the shots you can buy, giving many dSLRs a run for their money. Even better, since your phone is always with you, you are ready to shoot whenever you get the opportunity. Even more affordable phones such as Huawei P30 Pro, OnePlus 7 Pro or even the Motorola Moto G7 can take amazing pictures and have many lenses for interesting creative effects.
If you are serious about your phone photography, it is more to use the phone’s camera than to point at your subject and press a button. I am a professional photographer and I am regularly blown away by the shots I get from my phone. Along the way, I have gathered some tricks that anyone can use.

Never stop shooting:-

With your phone always in your pocket or purse, there’s no reason to miss a good photo. Shoot as often as you can — it’s great practice, especially if you’re new to photography.

How to take great-looking pictures on iPhone or Android
The more you shoot, the more likely you’ll capture that split-second moment when a a building casts a gorgeous shadow, a couple has a sweet moment, or that last beam of sunlight peeks magically over the horizon. You’ll learn about your own style, too, and how to use angles and settings to capture the best in a scene. Sit down with your photos at the end of each day and critique the shots you’ve taken. You’ll be surprised how much you learn.

Get creative with your angle:-

Give a familiar look a new look with a new angle. The concrete staircase you go through on your way to work may seem pathetic and dull at 8:30 in the morning, but spend an extra moment studying it and you can see it in a more interesting way.

Getting down and shooting from the ground level can change a dull scene. Why not climb those stairs and take pictures of other passengers from above? Or look at the interesting shadows cast by the shapes around you. Pro photographers look for key lines, interesting lighting or strange shapes and can easily see large compositions. The more you shoot and experiment, the more you will begin to see the world like a photographer and be able to achieve great opportunities when they are born.
How to take great-looking pictures on iPhone or Android
Take full control iphone 
Standard camera apps on most phones are ideal for quick shooting – especially on an iPhone with minimal control. But if you want to get a little more creative, it’s worth slowing things down by taking manual control of the camera’s settings to achieve your artistic goals.
Many Android phones (including the Galaxy S10 Pro and OnePlus 7 Pro) have manual modes built in, allowing you to control settings such as shutter speed and white balance.
For iPhone users, you’ll need to use third-party apps. A variety of apps, like VSCO and MuseCam (both free) let you control specific camera settings. Slowing the shutter speed blurs motion in a scene, which can be a great way to add drama to action photos. The app Slow Shutter Cam ($1.99, £1.99 and roughly converted to AU$2.60) slows the speed even more, turning passing headlights of cars into light trails that snake through the city streets.
In these apps it is possible to shoot photos in raw format (or in manual mode on Android phones). Raw photos have more detail in very bright and very dark areas compared to regular JPEGs, which allows you to enhance highlights or enhance shadows while editing your photos. Raw shots also don’t save white balance information, so you can change the color tone of your image later in a much more realistic way, just by adding a filter on top. Raw file sizes are larger than JPEGs, however, make sure you have plenty of storage on your phone for free.

Edit for more impact:-

After pushing the shutter button you can do much more with your image. This is often the editing process that can take a ho-hum snap and call it “Oh, wow!” The Namna of Art. Don’t let anyone know that editing is bad – almost every professional photo enters some form of editing.
How to take great-looking pictures on iPhone or Android

Zoom in with the telephoto lens:-

A telephoto lens lets you zoom into a much larger view than a standard lens, but it does not reduce image quality. You’ll find them on others including the iPhone XS, Galaxy S10 Plus and Huawei P30 Pro.
They really come on their own in street photography, where they allow you to capture those candid moments that affect you, without you having to stand in between them.

Hit the zoom button as you are composing your scene in the street to see how it looks. It could be that the zoom adds a new angle to the shot – focusing on people’s expressions or other details – or it may just be that you can take the shot farther away from sight.

Many phones (including the Galaxy S10 Plus, LG G8 and OnePlus 7 Pro) pack a third lens that provides a super wide angle view. They are great for loading loads into a scene compared to what standard lenses allow and I love seeing what new creative angles you can get.

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