How to take computer screenshot

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In today’s era, we use computers and laptops, when we search on the internet, then the computer screen short is needed. Telling about

When you pay someone in mobile and computer, you definitely need screenshot, I am telling you about screenshots.

Tips for taking a screen short in a laptop

With the help of snipping tools, you can choose the area you are telling you how it works.
First you have to open a box on Windows Press and Typing Snipping
How to take computer screenshot
After opening a box, you can innovate and take the selected area in the document which you can shorten.
How to take computer screenshot
How to take computer screenshot
2,Keybord PRTSC key use
With the help of keyboard prtsc, you can shorten the screen with two types, the first one works in Windows 10, will not work in Windows 7.
1,When you work or pay in the bank and you get an error, you press Windows prtsc and the screen becomes short, as soon as a box is opened, the box does not open but will come into the folder of pictures in the document.
To take a screen short with the prtsc keyboard key, do prtsc + crrl + c and past in word or print and save the image which you can use anytime.

This will make you full page screen short.

How to take computer screenshot
You have to do HIGHLIGH images with the screensort software, you can name the software,


when you install it, you have come to the task bar of time, you can select and take screen short.

Screen shots are very useful. Every computer operator must have knowledge of taking screen shots in their computer. Today we have told you Screenshot. Friends, if you have liked the way to take a screen shot in a laptop, then share it with your friends too.

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