Computer Hard Drive Types

Computer Hard Drive Types
Computers trust magnetic disk drives (HDDs) to store knowledge for good. they’re storage devices accustomed save and retrieve digital info which will be needed for future reference

Hard drives area unit non-volatile, that means that they maintain knowledge even once they don’t have power. the knowledge hold on remains safe and intact unless the disc drive is destroyed or interfered with.

The information is hold on or retrieved in an exceedingly random access manner as against serial access. this suggests that blocks {of knowledge|of knowledge|of information} will be accessed at any time they’re needed while not probing alternative data blocks.

Hard Drive Types:-

Currently, we are able to cluster laborious drives into four types:

• Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment (PATA)

• Serial ATA (SATA)

• Small system Interface (SCSI)

• Solid State Drives (SSD)


The first fixed disk drives accessible for private computers was the IDE, that stands for Integrated Drive natural philosophy. These drives used a parallel ATA (PATA) interface instead of a serial interface for knowledge and commands. PATA stands for Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment and was developed in 1986, regarding 5years once the first IBM laptop was introduced.

The original PATA devices had knowledge transfer rates of 8MB/Sec. Later versions like immoderate ATA had knowledge transfer rates of sixteen or 32MB/s. ATA-7 includes a transfer rate of up to 133MB/s.

Only 2 devices, nearly always disk drives or compact disk drives may well be connected to one IDE channel interface. As a result, several motherboards had 2 IDE channels in order that up to four devices may well be connected.

The term IDE is admittedly a name because it doesn’t distinguish one drive kind from another. All laptop arduousdrives square measure IDE, Integrated Drive natural philosophy, despite their bus kind, PATA, SCSI, or SATA.


The SATA, or Serial ATA bus has become current since the first 2000’s and it’s currently tough to seek out the otherstyle of disc drive. most motherboards factory-made as of this writing have four or a lot of SATA connectors and some motherboards haven’t any IDE/PATA connectors in the slightest degree.

SATA speeds were originally concerning 150MB/s and with the arrival of SATA-2, information transfer rates square measure 600MB/s. SATA-2 additionally provides higher error checking and hot swap capabilities.

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