Computer Blue screen

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Blue screens square measure usually caused by issues along with your computer’s hardware or problems with its hardware driver computer code. Sometimes, they’ll be caused by problems with low-level computer code running within the Windows kernel. Regular apps sometimes won’t be ready to cause blue screens. If AN app crashes, it’ll do therefore while not taking the OS out with it.

A blue screen happens once Windows encounters a “STOP Error.” This crucial failure causes Windows to crash and pack up. the sole factor Windows will do at that time is restart the laptop. this may cause information loss, as programs don’t have an opportunity to avoid wasting their open information.

When a blue screen happens, Windows mechanically creates a “minidump” file that contains data concerning the crash and saves it to your disk. you’ll read data concerning these minidumps to assist determine the explanation for the blue screen.

Blue screens conjointly look a small amount completely different, betting on what version of Windows you’re running. In Windows seven and former versions, the blue screen looked very similar to a terminal screen, displaying all manner of knowledge.

If you can’t boot into Windows, strive booting into Safe Mode, follow the directions on top of and so restart your pc once more. in addition Windows seven in Safe Mode, follow these steps:

Restart your computer

Press F8 before the Windows logo appears
Use the arrow keys and select “Safe Mode” from the boot menu

Press Enter
second step

Restart your computer

cd-dvd  and pendrive insert
Restart computer
boot menu select

F10.F11.F12 any press key

then harddisk and pendrive -dvd show and one select
windows 7 strating language next then Repir  option
repir click repir wait one two mit wait
command select



chkdsk /r   30 to 40 min wait

hard disk chick

three step

windows formatting all backup extrnal hard disk

hard disk partion delete and reinstalle  windows

windows not installe ram replce

then hard disk replce

windows 7 iso not available  comment then link provide …

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