Computer Basic Input -Output

Computer Basic Input -Output

The computer may be a terribly versatile machine. It will simply method differing types of information. to figure with these knowledge, we have a tendency to need differing types of devices. These devices will facilitate United States of America enter knowledge into the pc. These devices area unit referred to as input and output devices. They in the main cowl devices like mouse, keyboard, printer, speaker, joystick, etc which might be used with a pc.

The computer could be a terribly versatile machine. It will simply method differing kinds of knowledge. to figure with these information, we have a tendency to need differing kinds of devices. These devices will facilitate America enter information into the pc. These devices square measure referred to as input and output devices. They principally cowldevices like mouse, keyboard, printer, speaker, joystick, etc which might be used with a pc.

Input Devices:

 Graphics Tablets, Cameras, Microphone, Barcode reader, Video Capture Hardware, Pen Input, Trackballs, Digital camera, Gamepad, Joystick, Keyboard, Microphone, MIDI keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Touchpads, Webcam,

OUTPUT  Devices:

Monitor (LED, LCD, CRT etc), Microfiche, Printers all types, Plotters, Projector, Projector,
LCD Projection Panels, Computer Output Microfilm , Speaker(s), Head Phone, Visual Display Unit, Film Recorder…..

Input/Output devices:

An input/output device will receive knowledge from users or another device and additionally send knowledge to a different device. samples of input/output devices embody the subsequent.

CD-RW drive and DVD-RW drive – Receives knowledge from a pc (input), to repeat onto a writable CD or optical disk. Also, the drive sends knowledge contained on a CD or optical disk (output) to a pc.
USB flash drive – Receives, or saves, knowledge from a pc (input). Also, the drive sends knowledge to a pc or another device (output)

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